What is API, what are its features & applications?

What is basically API and its uses Application Programming Interface , its features r applications


  • anuragh27crony

    API is abbrevated as Application Programming Interface..

    It can be said as a package which provides programmers with set of functions... which itself are programmed to provide basic functionalities as set of functions

    Suppose take an example as bare hardware... which a programmer finds less comfortable to code directly to access it or work on it....

    Mean while he writes lines of codes as set of functions which provides required basic functionalities on bare hardware...so that fellow programmers can just call these fuctions directly to get work done......
  • kedarjk
    Yes Anurag is correct.
    API's are set of commonly used functions.
    So it is like repository of commonly(mostly) used function.
  • esakiraja
    Abbreviation of application program interface, a set of routines, protocols and tools for building sw applications.

    Babloo if u see most OS provide API so that programmers can develop sw over their environment which possess similiar interfaces.
  • babloo0311
    thank u anurag,kedarjk,esakiraja

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