What is a water rocket?

Any One know wat a water rocket is???????


  • gohm
    Same thing as an aquajet, using pressurized gas/water for propulsion
  • docel
    Fill a 2Lit Pet bottle of Coke/👍/7up ( after guzzling up the original contents, of course 😉 ) with 1/2Lit. water and pump it up with 50 - 100 PSI of air.....
    The thing will whoosh up to 500ft into the Stratosphere, :hehehe:after drenching you with hi speed H2O :hehehe:, at 73m/s !

    THAT, is a Water Rocket!!!!!

    Dean's Benchtop: Pumpkin Rocket II
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Reminds me of Coke+Mentos experiement @ Docel.
  • docel
    :grin: Yup!!! and the Cola & Mentos Guiness World record Riga, Latvia - YouTube!!!

    ....but this H2O Rocket beats everything you've seen......:!::!:

    Never fails to surprise anyone seeing the bottle disappear @ 200kph !!!
  • anandhan
    i don no................
  • mdronsubbs
    Water Rocket
    well this may help u guys a bit[😀]

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