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What is a multi air engine?

Question asked by Mohammad Asad in #Coffee Room on Sep 10, 2014
Mohammad Asad
Mohammad Asad · Sep 10, 2014
Guys, I am really in a dilemma to what is a multi air engine. Searched on the internet but couldn't get a clear idea of what it is. Please tell if someone knows so. Posted in: #Coffee Room
Shashank Moghe
Shashank Moghe · Sep 10, 2014
Rank B2 - LEADER
From what I read, it is a mechanical-electro-hydraulic intake valve actuation technology pioneered by Fiat in 2002 (Source Wikipedia). The intake valve is still cam driven, but controlling the cam is a electro-hydraulic system. It says it betters the power output of the engine and also optimizes gas (petrol) consumption.

The next step is completely camless (pneumatic-electrical) valve control system. At the moment such system is very expensive and I don't think it is about to be introduced in any production engine soon. But that's the future.
Mohammad Asad
Mohammad Asad · Sep 14, 2014
Well, thanks for the info.

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