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@prakash.athani • 16 Oct, 2008
0x80000000 (-2147483648) represents minimum value for signed integers for 32-bit machines.
@prakash.athani • 16 Oct, 2008 Re: Programming Challenge - try this (biggest number!)

Yes We should start a new thread.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 16 Oct, 2008 Guys, is the title okay? If not, what should be the title of this thread? [​IMG]
@sriramchandrk • 16 Oct, 2008 I didn't want it to be a new thread, as this was the discussion regarding the previous program which prakash had written.

He had assigned the value of Big to -999 instead i wanted hime to use the new value.

Thanks & Regards
@prakash.athani • 16 Oct, 2008 Ok!! Cool!! Its Ok!!

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