What came first-chicken or egg?

It was egg which came first and broke down into chicken and chicken laid another egg which again broke down and led to another chicken and the process continued..

It was the chicken which came first and laid egg which led to another chicken and so on..

Wuh! The two statements surely contradict each other and we can have endless debate over it.

post in your comments!!


  • xheavenlyx
    It was the egg. Since if we all believe in Evolution then the Egg has been arround from the dinasaurs time, when there were no chicken, but chicken evolved from a dino 😀

    But the main Q comes in. Did dino come first or the Egg?

    Neha there is something for you here: #-Link-Snipped-#
  • casualthrasher
    Dude you should have let more people answer the question..Now the post terminates here...LoL
  • Neha
    Dude you should have let more people answer the question..Now the post terminates here...LoL
    You can surely come up with your ideas.

    And as xheavenlyx asked, what came first dino or egg so the post doesn't terminate here.
  • aashima
    Well it surely is a topic too debatable. Though in my opinion it maght have been a chicken that would have entered the world. My idea is associated with the very fact that Adam and Eve weren't new borns, they were grown ups when they entered the world (Thats what mythological facts reveal! ). So accordingly it should be chicken first! Whatsay?

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