• All would have their own wish and just post in your suggestions and your wish that your future car should possess.First it may like a dumb idea on the title but this thread can pull out and give us the good idea on the future car.It all depend on the co-operation of the CEans .So i request all of you to flood in the reply box.First its my turn to explain my wish cum ideas.I would like to have more smarter car with all technical gadgets filling the dashboard and make the passengers happy.I would like to have a car which can run effectively on both air and water.The engine should be able to run the water even if it contains more salt content.As we were discussing about graphene and carbyne in material dvelopment, I would liike my car to have a car with more advanced and safer body .It should be able to drive over the water,land ,air and it should be convertible to all modes by a single click.It should be more faster , safer , economical travel in future.

    Just flood in CEans,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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