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mechky • Dec 25, 2011

water-gas shift reaction

The water-gas shift reaction (WGS) is a chemical reaction in which carbon monoxide reacts with water vapor to form carbon dioxide and hydrogen:
CO(g) + H2O(v) → CO2(g) + H2(g)

Is it possible that the reaction can be carried out without the presence of catalyst?

Also at what temperature the reaction can be carried out without catalyst?

PS : I am concerned only with the conversion of CO into CO2 and not the formation of H2.
Temperature of about 100 deg Celcius.
chemind • Feb 10, 2012
WGS reaction take place at 350 deg centi if catalyst like iron oxide and a promoter with chromium oxide are used , how it is possible it can take place at 100 deg C with out catalyst

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