Voltage Stabilization in Delhi and Punjab

Well I've literally spent over 20 hours searching and then came across this site, so hopefully this would help.

I'm trying to put together an electrical system for a house in Delhi and Punjab, but am having difficulty finding the things I need to make this happen.

What I want to do is the following:
Have CONSTANT voltage, via a Regulator or AVR or CVT or something of the sort.
Backup power.
Surge protection.

What I am thinking of doing and setting up is as follows:

1) Line goes into meter.
2) From the meter would a surge supressor that would be able to handle spikes of upto 10,000 Amps or 400 Volts.
3) From meter, would be a Voltage Regulator (CVT or AVR or CVR) that can handle a 200-300 Amp service.
4) From the regulator would be a Generator with electronic ignition, and also connected to a UPS so that there is no power lost in between the loss of electricity and the generator turning on.
4) From there would be a panel for 200Amps.
5) There would be another Surge supressor at the panel.

My questions are:
Does it make sense to put the generator after the Regulator or should it be before the regulator?
The reason for a second regulator is to handle any fluctuations that may occur when the generator turns on. Would this be required?

Most importantly, how much does a whole house regulator that can run at 50Hz and 220-240Volts cost? I havent been able to find one that can do this but am sure such an item does exist.

Lastly, does anybody know of places I can purchase the above materials? Inside India would be preferable as long as the price is good. Otherwise if the difference is enough, then outside of India is ok too (I dont mind having everything shipped in).

If this isnt the best forum for this then a reference over to the correct forum is greatly appreciated.



  • mwarrior
    Anybody? Any suggestions?
    So far I've found one possible solution:
    Mains > Generator (Cummins 62.5KVA) > Online UPS (50-60KVA) > Breaker panel for house.

    THere would still be surge supressors at or between every junction. Also is it better to keep it at 3 phase or use a "3 phase input 1 phase output" UPS?

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