• CEans,

    Each year, VNIT Nagpur organizes central India's biggest event - Aarohi (#-Link-Snipped-#) . I'm glad to inform you that CEans from VNIT are involved in organizing the event. CEan - Ankit Virmani is involved in organizing the Personality Contest for the event.

    Participants must fill in the following form for the eliminations round [Ankit, please correct me if I'm wrong]. I think it would be interesting to share the form with all of you. I hope to see interesting answers from CEans 😁

    [Note: Few questions are in Hindi. Those who do not understand Hindi, please ignore the questions]
    1. I am (in 5 words)…

    2. How do you like your coffee?

    3. The silicon valley of Afghanistan is the deepest! Comment.

    4. If invisible for a day, the first thing you'd do would be...

    5. Love is...

    6. A tagline to sell yourself:

    7. If I were...
    (i) A bunch of grapes lying on the highway...
    (ii) Zero...
    (iii) Rakhi Sawant...

    8. The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the following phrases...
    (i) Pehle istemaal karo, phir vishwas karo:
    (ii) High performance delivered:
    (iii) Isse sasta aur achha, kahi nahi:
    (iv) Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden:

    9. If you were to be one inanimate object, what would you choose?

    10. A movie based on your life is being made. Who would you like to cast as yourself?

    11. You have been commissioned to design a bathroom for Bill Gates. Cost is not an issue and you cannot speak to Bill Gates. What considerations will you keep in mind while designing it?

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