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plz tell me how to compile VirtualBox source code..


  • KenJackson
    What host platform are you working on? That is, is your host computer running some distro of Linux? Or OSX on a Mac? Or Windows?

    I used to compile VirtualBox years ago on my #-Link-Snipped-# host, though I haven't done it in years because it's already compiled for me now.

    If you are running Linux (or OSX, I think), the GCC compiler and GNU tools are already installed. So if you've already downloaded the source code, you can probably compile it with the standard three commands (installation must be done as root):
    make install
    If you only have a Windows host, you'll have to get compiler and tools first. #-Link-Snipped-# is probably the best choice for this. (Ordinarily I recommend Cygwin for anyone who uses Windows, but if you just want to compile one stand-alone application like VirtualBox, MinGW would probably be easier.)
  • kanikagoyal05
    thanx a lot sir gor your response.i installed minGW on windows host and try to open .cpp files but could not opened,plz tell me how to open

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