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Vicarious's Neural Network Software Mimics The Way Human Brain Works

Question asked by Ankita Katdare in #Coffee Room on Sep 25, 2012
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare · Sep 25, 2012
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Neural Networks researchers from a startup called 'Vicarious' are all set to build an artificial brain that is better than its current counterparts. The visual input systems employed by the current neural network systems use artificial neurons to build connections between the parts of a brain. In human body, eyes work with the brain to recognize objects, people, and places. Vicarious is trying to implement the same by putting together computer science and neuroscience. They are building a visual perception system that takes cue from the neocortex, the wrinkly outer portion of the brain that deals with speaking, hearing, seeing, moving, and other functions.

So, mimicking the functions of a human brain, the Vicarious team;s software learns by seeing a series of images and forming connections in response. This just means that the artificial brain will be able to clearly identify an object even if it is not fully visible, obscured or has some information missing. For instance, it will tell you it is an arm even though it is painted in a different color or is half hidden by the wristwatch and the t-shirt's sleeve. There is a lot of room for development here and the research is progressing fast and is headed in the right direction. We look forward to it.
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