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Various fields in computer science.

Question asked by shibi raj in #Coffee Room on Feb 12, 2013
shibi raj
shibi raj · Feb 12, 2013
Rank D3 - MASTER
Hello friends, I'm a computer science engineering student. I would like to know about various fields in the computer field. I likes programming. There are a lot of fields, like web programming,mobile application developing, network programming, Application development programming ,Image processing etc..
But i'm now thinking about where should i have to concentrate. I would like to know about the current industry demand and the future possibilities etc.. So please describe about various fields and their future possibilities.... Can we concentrate on all these fields...? Posted in: #Coffee Room
rahul69 · Feb 13, 2013
Rank B2 - LEADER
In my opinion, it is the interest that matters! In this IT field u can rock in anything if u can master it. You can check out different fields, and then work hard on what u like best.
Can we concentrate on all these fields...?
, with an academic point of view and for clearing fundamentals, YES, but going deep and mastering all fields is quite difficult, so it is better to choose one for that purpose and master it.😀

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