Ubuntu Will Ditch Six Month Release Cycle, "Pseudo-rolling Release" Is The Next Upcoming Change.

We know that every six month i.e in April & October, new release cycle is released. Canonical recently announced two major & exciting features that's coming into Ubuntu.
1) True Convergence
2) Pseudo-rolling updates

1) Canonical's convergence plan, is the reason why they have planned to use Mir instead of Wayland/Weston display server. The reason why Mir was opted because
- X i/p model is complex
- X shares lots system shares across process boundaries
- X gfx drivers lacks focus
So, around 14.10 Mir display server, will be very stable & ready to be shipped for desktop OS, and if you've used Unity8 demo, you might understand how awesome convergence will be for all form factors.
I have created a video showing demo, which might give you idea in first few seconds where even the window size is changed, the HUD automatically sets itself as per size of screen.

Inshort, convergence is : One operating system, one desktop UI i.e Unity, running in all formfactors - laptops, netbooks, tablets & even smartphones. (Maybe in smartwatch too, in future)

For detailed technical explanation, read this : #-Link-Snipped-#

2) Pseudo-rolling updates is awesome move by Ubuntu, which means that, NO 6 month cycles like 13.04 - 13.10 etc. etc. One distro which will be getting the kernel updates, security updates, repository updates, app updates .. inshort, every updates every now & then. No need to upgrade distribution, just regular updates will keep you up-to-date.

This is very intelligent move, IMO. As i have noticed many people having problem with upgrades & breaking their system, & again reinstalling everything, which is pain in bum.
Also, it sounds so much like Lifetime LTS! And updates on everything from apps to kernels, free forever!

What's your opinion, CEans ?
Looking forward for your comments. 👍


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