Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare
Computer Science
29 Apr 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 - 7 Things To do After Installing it

If you are an Ubuntu fan and looking forward to installing Ubuntu 12.04, you would like to go through this video -

If you don't want to bother seeing that whole video, here is a round up of the seven things mentioned in it:

1. Change Update Server and Run Updates
Speed up your downloads and get your system up-to-date
2. Install Proprietary Drivers
e.g. nVidia / AMD ATI Graphics Card, Wireless network, TV Cards, etc...
3. Install Proprietary Codecs
To Play Adobe Flash Videos, MP3 Audio, MP4 Videos, and a few other codecs
4. Customise Desktop with MyUnity
MyUnity allows you to easily customise your desktop to change transparency settings, launcher size, and icon theme.
5. Keyboard Shortcuts
Bring back familiar Windows shortcuts such as
Win+E for Home Folder (Nautilus File Manager)
Ctrl+Alt+Del to open System Monitor
6. Privacy Settings
Prevent history being recorded for certain File Types, Folders, or Applications.
7. Setup Ubuntu One Cloud Storage
Gives you 5Gb of online storage for free. Great for getting same configuration between different computers.
Ubuntu One can synchronise between Windows, iPhone, and Android Smart Phones

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