TW700 Tak Wak Is GPS Navigator + Smartphone + Walky Talky

TW 700 Tak Wak is your walky talky that is also a rugged GPS navigation device and also functions as a smartphone. The device is rugged solution for those who're always on the move at unusual places. The device also offers group navigation feature.

With the tw700 high-precision navigation device, fans of the great outdoors can find their way easily when out hiking, biking, skiing or geocaching. The unit’s 3.5" (8.9 cm) resistive touch screen displays maps in such fine detail that you can see even the smallest of paths.


The tw700 can navigate based on cost-saving 100x70-kilometer topographic map tiles or free Open Street Maps. With its data communication capabilities you can install new maps while on the move.

Route planning
With the takwak online route planning tool, you can plan your own bike tours or hikes or upload pre-planned and specially edited tours.

Walky Talky Radio

Thanks to its walkie-talkie function, the tw700 is suitable for license- and cost-free communication within the EU and many other countries. It supports eight channels and 38 sub-channels to ensure interference-free calls. Depending on the weather conditions and surroundings, the device has a radio range of up to ten kilometers – a really useful feature in areas without mobile network coverage.

The tw700 offers a unique group navigation capability that enables users to interact in new ways during shared outdoor activities. Several devices can be combined in a virtual group, and each group member is shown as a symbol on the map. All group members’ positions are displayed constantly, giving them information about their common route. In addition, they can remain in contact by walkie-talkie or smartphone and exchange text messages as well as data.

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