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crook • Oct 22, 2007

TRP, SMS voting, Reality shows - fake or real?

Hi, TV is full of SMS votes and reality shows. Do you think what they show on tv is real?
Elisa • Oct 26, 2007
TRP, I think is not the correct way of measuring the popularity of any tv program. SMS polls are channel's way of making money.
Sunil Singh
Sunil Singh • Feb 2, 2014
Everything is fake you take: reality shows- they are completely fake (Be it any not naming them). SMS voting - just a source of gaining publicity, money and fooling the audience. TRP - It varies in hours like stock market so I personally believe its just a new venture to fool people.
shruti pathak
shruti pathak • Feb 13, 2014
actually my opinion is a bit different....i.e. i think real or fake depends...all d reality shows r nt feke sm of dem r real too..but none of dem r full real...thers sm% of fakeness or cheating in dem...n coming 2 sms voting they surely r gr8 source of money publicity...etc..

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