triple boot with linux

I have Windoze xp and Opensuse as a dual boot system right now. All i want to do is put another linux distro (say fedora core) and triple boot my system.
now i tried many ways and i always end up having the latest installed linux and losing the one installed before it. i tried fiddling with grub but i am still a noob and i am not able to get the two linux distros on my grub.
even if i try to give them a valid says that partition is not mounted during boot and hence it cannot access the boot images and initrd.
please help me as i have been stuck with this problem for a long time....
as always any help is sincerely appreciated!!!
thanks n c ya!!


  • Prasad Ajinkya
    Prasad Ajinkya
    Hi Simple,

    Lets say that you are currently at WinXP + OpenSuse - at this juncture, please save your grub.conf on a separate partition which you wont mess around with.

    Then simply install the other linux, edit the grub.conf file and put the entries in the previous grub file.

    I think that should do.

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