Tip Of The Day: Three Things You MUST NOT Do In An Interview

When we appear for an interview, we most often focus our preparations on our technical knowledge, our knowledge of the company, our past experience (if any) and little bit about the current industrial/market scenario. But there are three most important things we forget almost every time because we are busy thinking only about cracking the interview. Here are three simple things you should not do in an interview.

1. Never take your appearance lightly: Alright you are a geek. You are not concerned about what you wear. You think that stubble is cool. That ear ring looks fab. The red shirt on green pants you wear is lucky for you. But in fact it is not. It is important that you show respect to the person who is interviewing you. Yes your lucky charms and your cool looks are good for you. But they might be the biggest turn downs for the interviewer. It might give an impression that you are casual. If you are serious about the job, go for a clean look.

[​IMG]2. Argue, but don't confront: Most of the interviewers will put you in a situation where you will have a difference of opinion with them. Some candidates blindly accept what the interviewers say while others confront them. And in second case, it turns out that the whole situation becomes volatile. Companies don't want both kinds of people. They want people who will brain storm, put their views up and help the flow of ideas. They don't want jug heads who will only nod or brats who will only argue. So keep that temper of yours under check.

3. Learn to say, I don't know: Last but not the least, learn to say 'I don't know'. Please remember that this is not your engineering viva. So don't answer all questions as if you know every thing but are not able to articulate. I know you did it in engineering (giving same answer in different ways). Moreover it is not a compulsion that you should know all the answers. So it is better to excuse yourself and say , 'I don't know'.

That is all for now. I hope you found the tips useful.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    So, is your teacher saying that you should know everything? How practical is that?

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