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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 28, 2006

The New Structure

Hi all CEans! 😀

The forums have been restructured! We are now back, up & running! Everything went smooth and this time I didn't meddle with the database 😁

The restructuring process took approx. 45 minutes & the forum downtime was around 1 hour. We are now more organized & better shaped. Have a look at various sections to explore the new structure.

Let me thank all who helped me deciding the new structure.
Dionysus - thanks for suggestions 😀 , pradypop - thanks for the sub-forums idea , rick - you are really crazy dude! [​IMG] , Swati - "Debater's Heaven" idea was completely hers , crazyboy - thanks for your inputs and suggestions about the "Test Hub" ... we'll work together to make it better.

We aren't 100% done yet! 😲 I'll keep on making changes to the forums as you demand. So let your crazy brains explode & brace yourself for lot of action on CE forums!

-The Big K-
Jerry • Jan 30, 2006
Loved it

Nice !

Probably you should add more sub forums under technical discussions. I haven't been around since past few days. I don't see any changes in test hub. Let me see if I can add something there 😉
rick • Feb 8, 2006
rick - you are really crazy dude! [​IMG]
why do you think I'm here? 😁

The downtime didn't matter to me anyway 😲

Thanks for considering my suggestion 😁 and I'm glad to see the growth. Last time I visited, we had a little over 200 people.

Having a great time here :dance:


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