The Micro - A $299 3D Printer For Domestic Use Captures Attention On Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched for yet another innovative project created by M3D LLC. The company boasts of a compact, useful and affordable 3D printer. The printer is quite functional and can be used by everyone to create perfectly moulded objects. It has also been integrated with a unique software with numerous capabilities that further simplifies the process of printing. In contrast to various other Kickstarter projects, it has received tremendous support and has crossed its pledge mark. Let us take a look at its features.

The Micro Motion Technology is a sensor system built into the print head which is embedded within the printer. It provides for auto-levelling and auto-calibration which ensures its continuous working even after long hours. The printer is quite lightweight, weighing approximately 1 kg, which improves its portability by a great margin. It has been developed in a wide range of bold colours. Apart from the 1.75mm standard spools, it also supports various other filaments for printing like PIA, ABS and also their very own Micro filament spools which come in different materials and colours. It provides a 50-350 micron layer resolution with 15 micron X and Y positioning accuracy.

The M3D printer software has been designed with a simple UI that has touchscreen capabilities. It provides the options to browse through numerous objects on the web and organize them into a library. To print, just drag a model into the printer, adjust it and click the obvious “Print” button. Those who are familiarised with the concept of 3D printing can use the expert settings and other open source softwares. The printer is compatible with a USB connection on any Windows, Mac and Linux based OS.

This project by M3D has been designed as well as assembled in the US. It has gone way passed the pledge mark of $50,000 set by Kickstarter and has plummeted to more than $350,000 in just one day. India is also contributed to the world of 3D printers. Divide By Zero Technologies has created the Accucraft S 150 : Made In India 3D Printer by Divide By Zero Technologies, a sleek 3D printer. Also, Angad Daryani - A 15 Year Old School Dropout To Develop Low-Cost 3D Printers In India, a 15 year-old school dropout, has developed a unique 3D printer using DIY kits. But in contrast to these printers, the M3D printer is more compact and easier to handle.

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