The Cities and directions

1. Ashland is north of East Liverpool and west of Coshocton.
2. Bowling green is north of Ashland and west of Fredericktown.
3. Dover is south and east of Ashland.
4. East Liverpool is north of Fredericktown and east of Dover.
5. Fredericktown is north of Dover and west of Ashland.
6. Coshocton is south of Fredericktown and west of Dover.

Q1 Which of the towns mentioned is furthest of the north – west
(a) Ashland (b) Bowling green (c) Coshocton
(d) East Liverpool (e) Fredericktown

Q2 Which of the following must be both north and east of Fredericktown?
(a) Ashland (b) Coshocton (c) East Liverpool
I a only
II b only
III c only
IV a & b V a & c

Q3 Which of the following towns must be situated both south and west of at least one
other town?
A. Ashland only
B. Ashland and Fredericktown
C. Dover and Fredericktown
D. Dover, Coshocton and Fredericktown
E. Coshocton, Dover and East Liverpool.

Nice questions Guys give a try. And plz explain your reasoning for the answer.πŸ˜›


  • Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Saandeep Sreerambatla
    I tried solving this!!

    Please confirm the answers I will put the procedure.

    1. E
    2. A
    3. D
  • Sachin Jain
    Sachin Jain
    Nice questions freak πŸ˜€
    I had already solved it with my friend. We discussed a lot.
    So I don't wanna give it a try once again...
    Hehe its simple any one who sits with pen and paper can solve it.But it is nice freakπŸ˜€

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