"the chicken manure" project

Im a pretty young guy, having an idea of making pellets out of hen excrement. My family runs an egg-production system, and we have a problem with storing and disposing the bi-product. I've been searching around the web for ideas and inspiration to modernize our farm for an upcoming investment, only to find out this might be the place for such project.

So I am with this, looking for knowledge and experience in the subject, or just ideas!

I don't really know exactly what i want with this, but lets try.



  • Don Ross
    Don Ross
    If it is burnable. dry it out until you get the moisture level so you can press it through something like a spaghetti auger or meat auger to form it into long strands. Then cut it, and complete drying it out to a moisture content that is burnable. Then try burning it in a pellet wood burning stove. If that works then work on modifying the production aspect. Good luck
  • Don Ross
    Don Ross
    Kiddo, you out there? Talk to me. Sincerely,
    D F Ross

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