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abichaz • Mar 11, 2008

TFT model


i need to simulate a circuit which has thin film transistors in it,..where can i find the spice model of tft??...its not available in da existing libraries...pls help me in regards to simulating a tft,..greatly obliged if u cud help,..

thanking u
I'm not sure if there are models out there, but I think you should be able to model it with the existing transistors 😀
abichaz • Mar 12, 2008
can u tel me how i can about that??
Well, its a long shot, but if you can decipher this:
Spectre Circuit Simulator Device Models and Circuit Components -- 32. RPI TFT Models
And edit the appropriate MOSFET symbol with the characteristics, you might have a working TFT 😉

Can you describe the circuit more? Does the circuit require the use of very high frequencies? I doubt you can use ORCAD or PSpice if so.

Anyhow, I'll keep on looking for it. Im sure a semiconductor vendor has provided it, somewhere...
abichaz • Mar 12, 2008
Thanks a lot for that link Ash 😀
atleast it gives me some direction,..

i hav so far simulated the internal circuit of an opamp using the NI Multisim simulator, i hav to replace the FET transistors with TFTs,..but da problem was that TFTs r not included in the component library,..tats y i was lookin for da model so dat i cud include it in da library n use it in da simulator,..

this is my final year project n my deadline is jus a few days away😔...

i shal keep tryin to decipher da link u gav me,...if u find anythin else tat is helpful i would be greatly obliged Ash,..

thanks a ton
How is it going? I found two more links:
A-Si:H TFT model for circuit simulator
^ I think its TFT spice model, but for the AIMSPICE simulator.

However, I'm not sure if you can implement the results of aimspice with Multisim..
abichaz • Mar 16, 2008
Hey ash,...thanks for your links,..
i downloaded AIM SPICE, da library i think it has the spice model of tft but da thing is i cant figure out da model number of da tft, so i don know which one in da library is tft or wether or not its there,...

i'll keep lookin for it,..if u find anythin else lemme know,..

u've been a great help, thanks once again for ur time 😀


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