• TechFleet is a technical festival organized by SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram.

    TechFleet is a two day national level technical sympsium prestigiously heralded by CSI Students' chapter of SRKREC to enhance technical and soft sills of young engineers and with the vision of proiding a common platform to the budding Indian talent to match their wits with their international counterparts. It presents those venturing beyong the normal jobs on overview on the myriad of opportunities and possibilities out in the fields like management, higher education and entrepreneurship.

    • IPL- Paper Presentation
    • MICROMAXX- Poster Presentation
    • IPOD- Software Contest
    • INTEL INSIDE- Technical Quiz
    • CODE-D-CHROME- Web page design contest
    • LOGIX- Puzzle Contest
    • CYBER ATTACK- Ethical Hacking Workshop
    • ADDICTION- Ad-Making
    • YOUTUBE- Movie Making
    • IBM- Logo Designing Contest
    • INNOVATION CENTER- Publish your Idea
    For more details, queries and registration; visit their website:
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