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Taiwan Research Releases One-Touch Disaster Alert Application

Question asked by ritu in #Coffee Room on Mar 24, 2011
ritu · Mar 24, 2011
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The present scenario where any harsh calamity due to natural phenomenon (an earthquake or tsunami) or manmade appliances (the nuclear reactor blasts) can struck anytime, saving the human life has become difficult.

[​IMG]The University researchers in Taiwan have released a mobile phone application which can be termed as a one touch disaster alert application. This application with one touch is capable of transmitting the location of people trapped during an earthquake under the building rubble to any number of people. The research was presented by Liang Chih-hsiung who is assistant professor of multimedia and gaming development at Lunghwa University of Science and Technology. The mobile application will transmit the longitude and the latitude co-ordinates of the place where the people are struck during disasters. The mobile phones’ built in global positioning system helps the application to detect the data of the user’s location and then send help messages to emergency numbers and to the family members’ numbers or to whichever number which the user has already programmed in.

Liang, who developed the application with four of his students said, "This project was my idea, because Taiwan has experienced earthquakes and mudslides where we can't find people. With one touch, location data can get out, and maybe that would save your life. If you were crushed but still alive, someone can still find you." The application was high on sales at the mobile application stores after the 9.0 massive earthquake struck in Japan. The disaster in Japan being very grave, it is now time to check the practicality of this mobile application. This application by the name “Mobile Saviour” can be downloaded for an amount of US$2.99 in English; Chinese or Japanese. The money thus, generated will support the noble cause of helping the victims of the Japan’s tragedy through Japan's Foreign ministry or a Red Cross chapter as stated by Liang Chih-hsiung. The first installment will be paid soon and the money generated from the application after that will be used to provide housing and shelter to the homeless people who lost their houses in the earthquake or the tsunami.

A lot of people are found missing during disasters as they cannot be located. Also this application can be used when a person is lost or is kidnapped. This application is sure a way to help people being found and saved from places that they cannot escape.

Source: Yahoo News Posted in: #Coffee Room

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