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@shwetaphrt • 27 Jan, 2010
Iam 3rd year B-tech computer science student,doing engineering from geetanjali institute of technical studies ,udaipur .I want to do my summer traning from some reputed company so can u suggest me some.n also the procedure for applying there
thank u
shweta purohit
@nitin989 • 28 Jan, 2010 Well Shweta, i am hanging for such companies too, and TCS, Infosys etc don't directly provide training, internships for students pursuing their B. Tech or B.E.
However you can check for companies like HCL, CETPA Infotech (website: Cetpa Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ) etc.
Procedure is that you would have to decide a company and then contact them for training. Rest details they will tell you.
@imnitsy • 29 Jan, 2010 me too want the same.
does vedanta zinc smeltar provided ny such traning or internship..??
@shwetaphrt • 30 Jan, 2010 thanx nitin
bt suggest me some companies.
@shwetaphrt • 30 Jan, 2010 zinc smelter /vedanta do provide training.n i think chandaria mines would be perfect for computer engineers
@imnitsy • 31 Jan, 2010
zinc smelter /vedanta do provide training.n i think chandaria mines would be perfect for computer engineers
please tell some details about it,
whats the procedure for summer tranning there..??
@nitin989 • 31 Jan, 2010 Welcome Shweta, actually i'm going through the procedures of training in companies and as far as i've collected the data, its clear that no big MNC directly provides training, except one or two. Another thing is that, apart from MNC's, there are a lot ones which actually provide good training & projects, so best part is to explore them and find better quality and proper use of training time, dats wat matters afterall.
Also i would like to tell you that there are nice companies in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon etc for Software field like DUCC Systems, ITinAct, CETPA Infotech, Ducat & many more.


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