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@krish_cal • 24 Jan, 2009

am a 2nd yr student of civil engineering branch in NIT dgp.
is it possible to do a summer training in the railways?
can anyone please tell me how useful will it be for my future?

thanks in advance.
@Chandrik • 02 Jul, 2010 Taking summer training and doing job in railway department is very interesting thing and more over its a best choice for career option. It would be better taking training in railways....


@CIVILPRINCESS • 04 Jul, 2010 mostly you will learn the railways, airports and docks as a paper in the 3rd i think... most of the universities have that subject. when you do your internship with the railways i think it will provide an overview of what we civil engineers have to learn as far as railways is considered. so do it. it is a good option
all the best 👍

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