summer training 2k8!!!

hey all,

i will be completing my 6th sem in may 2k8 and soon after that would have to get started with my summer training but tilll date i haven't applied in any firm for a 2 months summer training.

Could anyone please tell me how should i approach a company ?iI mean the exact formal procedure? Can i apply through net or do i have to visit their office ? Do i need to have some contacts in order to approach them?


  • arunbasillal
    To visit a company for training, you have to apply atleast a month before. You might get the deal even if you apply 2 weeks before but one month is safe.
    Private frims usually do not take apprentices, but Govt firms have a provision for training Students prusuiging technical courses. Just call the company reception and enquire the procedure. Online application is not enought . Each company will have its own procedures. You will have to get a letter from your college principal that confirms that you are a Student there and also his permission to let you visit the firm . Visit in groups of 3 or 4
    Good luck

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