• Kaustubh

    MemberDec 2, 2007

    Suggest user titles


    Its high time that we renew our boring user titles. Do you have any suggestions for user titles?

    Suggest as many user titles as you can. You may also suggest special user titles that will be awarded to our special CEans.

    -The Big K-
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  • mahul

    MemberDec 3, 2007

    here are a few new user titles i can suggest.
    1> active member --> based on the average number of posts the member has per day

    2> initiator --> based on the number of good queries or discussion threads the user has posted( u shall have to be the judge about interesting threads)

    3> problem buster --> based on the number of successful ( u got to judge on that) replies to queries

    4>quizmaster --> based on the number of puzzles, brain teasers etc that a user manages to post(sadly there are a few of that creed here on ce these days)

    what i am suggesting is that u allow more than one title for a user according to the nature of posts/threads posted by him

    i'm sure more ceans would definitely come up with better ideas, _k. And i liked ur idea very much, that's for sure. I would also like to request you to retain the value-adder tag, i found it very interesting.
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    MemberDec 4, 2007

    Just an idea flashed in mind.Since its a community by crazy engineers and for crazy engineers,we can rank engineers as per an engineering college teaching heirarchy.
    For ex:
    New member : lab assitant
    Next level : Lectrurer then
    Assistant professor-->Professor--> Then in the end we can have Head of Department (HOD).
    What say ?
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  • Ashraf HZ

    MemberDec 5, 2007

    If a new member does have an actual PhD qualification, he/she better start posting quickly to have the "Professor" title they are supposed to have 😉
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