Hi Engineers.
I am pursuing my mechanical and automation engineering.
I am planning to manufacture a submarine for my final year project and the size would be 25cm x 25cm x 25cm approx
I need help regarding the best appropriate shape i should give to it and how to give it motion using motors and propellers.
what new can i do to it so as to make it different.
Urgent help needed.
Thanx and regards
Himanshu Arora


  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    Would any of these interest you?



  • hemanthkota
    if u would like to i will give an new way of working mechanism submarine, and i think it helps u more
    or else in simple means of our own submarine to make, take rc motors which were used in bikes for primary purpose and propeller can be can be made using a toy which is used for bubbling in air and to it attach a semi conical circular ring

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