something i do not understand

when i m trying to make a modulator circuit i found that by shorting 2 AC signal sources i can produce a modulated signal between those signal. anyone know how could it come?😕


  • sauravgoswami
    buddy,u shud hit the basics first,m sure u know wat modulation means,if 2 AC signals are opreateing in diffrent frequencies,then modulation is possible due to over-lapping,but it may have plenty of noise to...have u checked ot on a CRO???.....And does it occures for Amplitude modulation to???
  • vasant_p27
    pl. can u give me PCB layout checklist formate.
    & in multilayer PCB how stack up the PCB
  • vasant_p27
    hi friends
    I am Sr. PCB design engineer.
    Now I become crazy engineer
  • Dexter_Neo
    dint quite get ur question.what do u mean by "shorting 2 AC signal sources i can produce a modulated signal between those signal"?

    anyway if we generally add two ac signals we will definately get a resulatant depending on the phase and antiphase characteristics of the signals u will get the modulated signal...............😀

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