• narayana


    MemberAug 1, 2011

    some thing about brain

    hey friends i think we are having brains right? 😛
    anyway if yes or no i have a brain so i think its better to a have thread for brain knowledge
    although it is a biological concept but we use those logic's and opration concepts in our networks
    so here i am giving a thread to discuss about brain
    i know something about it as i said already some thing in a thread
    now i am giving some knowledge about i have listened some where
    brain consists of no of neurons which are able to store lot of data in layers
    even the all the connections went off the data will be there forever and the connections can be restored by using electrical pulses which voltage will be to overcome its rest state
    we can develop more information about it by discussions
    so lets discuss about it because by using this we can make even a artificial brain
    @admin and mods: i don't know whether it is right place or not to discuss about it so i posed here
    if i am wrong please send it to its right section
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