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mahesh_mech • May 7, 2009

solar system in car

what are the difficulties in car when it is drived on solar system?
ShrinkDWorld • May 7, 2009
the main problem is power
we have more power So we have to collect it.
we have to reduce weight.
shahrul • May 15, 2009
what are the difficulties in car when it is drived on solar system?
The power and storage.
1. What is max power needs by the car?
2. How much energy (storage) needs by the car? It's indicate how long your car can runs without solar energy.
gohm • May 16, 2009
True, currently solar power cannot provide enough energy to power a production vehicle. Currently experimental solar craft are extremely small and lightweight with limited weight capacity. More efficient pv cells are needed as first priority followed by batteries. An automobile requires a large amount of watts for locomotion.
din_Power Engg
din_Power Engg • May 18, 2009
The Problem is acceleration here.....the modern day transport system needs vehicles with sudden acceleration and decelerations.....the solar vehicle runs in a simple electrical motor of suitable capacity powered by batteries which inturn get power from the solar at constant speed the vehicle will be good enough with some limitations like speed, distance moved,etc.... but if u want to accelerate or decelerate, the batteries shall not be able disburse the additional power required for the purpose of acceleration or can suddenly reduce the power that is required for deceleration, which makes the choices tricky........The solar vehicles can be a reality, only if a sophisticated system is developed to address this purpose and a technology by which the solar cells and the batteries are accomdated in less space....
gohm • May 18, 2009
A good sollution for that would be regenerative brakes with capacitors. Unlike a battery, caps can completely discharge and re-charge rapidly. This would give a quick boost for accelerating from a stop. This setup is used in the Fzero hydrogen formula car concept.

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