Solar Cooler Employs Solar Energy To Turn Water Into Ice

Make no mistake, we're talking about Solar Cooler and not Solar Cooker! As the name suggests, the solar cooler employes solar energy to do the opposite of what it's normally used to do. The solar cooler is a brainchild of Ryan McGann, an engineer by education who thought of using solar energy to keep his beer from getting warmer. Instead of ignoring his idea and moving on with life; Ryan built a prototype; which is now ready to be a commercial product.


The project is seeking funds from Indigogo - an international crowdfunding site to capitalise on the response it received at CES in Las Vegas. The device will weigh about 50 pounds and has solar panels at the top, along with two wheels to add mobility. There's a charging port for your mobiles and tablets along with a battery that'd last for about 10 hours.

The cooler itself is quite big in capacity and should be able to stock beverages for a bunch of your friends. The cooler is capable of reaching to sub-zero temperatures; but the price is likely to burn a hole in your pocket. Each of this cooler will retail for about $1200. But the supporters of the project on Indigogo may get it at a discounted price of about $950.

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  • Dhananjay Harkare
    Dhananjay Harkare
    Thinking about efficiency of the cooler and how much time it would take to freeze my home-made ice cream!!
  • Shreyas Sule
    Shreyas Sule
    Looks nice. As they mention on their website, a new version especially made for storing your vaccines and other medical drugs is on its way. Hope they launch it in various sizes and configuration once this product is commercially successful.

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