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@Aniket Shikhare • 29 Oct, 2014
Greetings everyone...

i am BSC IT graduate 2013 pass out... out of presher from relatives ,parents had to look for job just after my graduation. so i took CCNA + CCNP training. duration - July- 2013 - March 2014. was looking towards only jobs related to Pure Networking and Network Security.
but due to family problems and my negligence i didnt searched job till september. till now i am being approached for only Tech Support, BPO, Hardware Networking jobs.

i have no interest in Programming cause i lack Programming Logic.
so i wish to do Oracle or software Testing jobs...
i approached SEED Infotech cause of their placement record.
OCA certification will Cost abt 25000 INR
and Testing course ( SCTS-ST including ISTQB certification ) having their own flavour abt 35000 INR
i have slightly more interest in Oracle.
My question is which is better to do ?
plz suggest me... i need some professional advice...

Forgive me for lengthiness of my post...
@Sunny Kichloo • 30 Oct, 2014 Oracle as a technologies is very vast.There are many Technologies in Oracle like Databases,Middleware,Application and many more.

I myself has worked in Oracle Database Technologies for More then 4 years.So what i suggest you is to be more specific regarding which oracle technologies you want to learn.

On the other hand Software Testing is different field with mainly two domain like Manual Testing or Automation Testing.You will be working with developers for finding bugs.

Being a fresher such confusion happen So do little more research and know which interest you more.

You can obviously revert back with any queries.
@Aniket Shikhare • 30 Oct, 2014 Thank you @RamKumar1988 Sir...
for your interest and suggestion..
i have done some research on job sites.. found Fresher Software Testing jobs somewhat more than PL SQL Developer jobs in MUMBAI .
so i am thinking about joining Software Testing Course..and will certainly do ISTQB cert.

plz suggest me Sir.
am i goin on right track.... ?
cause i dont want to waste more Time and Money ...
@Sunny Kichloo • 31 Oct, 2014 If you are thinking of testing there are institutes in Mumbai which will be providing you training on testing and latter on give you placement assistance.Certification helps a lot in this kind of scenario for job so if there are some certification you can do complete those first and also start giving interview,there are vacancies for Fresher Testing in Many Companies which are already present in some of Job Sites.
@Aniket Shikhare • 03 Nov, 2014 Thank You @RamKumar1988 Sir...
i have joined SEED Infotech institute for Software Testing + ISTQB Cert. course... which will be completed in January 2015. Manual Testing will be over by December. so i am gonna look for Fresher Testing Jobs by December cause of my Classes are from 7 am to 10 am.

My Concern is 2013 Passouts can get a job in 2015 ?
or companies will not consider me at all ???
@Sunny Kichloo • 04 Nov, 2014 You have taken Gap after completion of Graduation so you can explain them what you have done in these 2 years like you have mentioned above that you have attended CCNA Training.Two years just for searching job is a big time so in interview explain them how during these time you have trained yourself in many technical concepts.So prepare yourself well for this interview.

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