Software Test Automation Framework

Can anyone tell me what exactly is a test automation framework? What does it do? 😕😕


  • Prasad Ajinkya
    Prasad Ajinkya
    Hi Rocker,

    I might be mistaken (would ask someone who knows more on this topic to post as well), but heres what I know on this topic ...

    Quite often in development, when testing is happening in parallel (this would be the case in Agile or XP method, or also in case of a product development), when a test would report a bug in the software. Lets say after some 100 tests, 1 test case fails, but by this time, the developers have also rolled out a new version. In such a case, imagine all the previous tests have to be done as well as that 1 failed test. Now, this kind of regression testing has to be done for each and every version rollout. Plus needless to say, for every bug resolved, there might be some other problem that crops into the system. This is especially true for complex systems, wherein the proper impact of resolving one bug has not been done.

    So, there is a need for a framework of testing which would not only automatically test the previous test cases on every version, but also be able to effortlessly manage the various bugs across various reports.

    My $0.02
  • rajeshwar
    A test automation framework is a set of assumptions, concepts, and practices that provide support for automated software testing.
  • Elisa
    A test automation framework is a set of assumptions, concepts, and practices that provide support for automated software testing.
    I have heard about QTP test automation framework.
  • skamthe81
    Framework is somewhat like a layer on the kernal............

    in QTP let's test any software using QTP u'll have 2 develop a test script........ for this u can either record the script or u can write the script......

    though recording is much easier but it is not always used.......specially critical tests need to be scripted..........

    which needs skilled automation test engineeers ....which increases the cost n requires good amt of time.......

    so instead u can design a frame work where a manual tester can enter the steps, expected result in a kind of spreadsheet and QTP will automatically develops the reqiured script............

    that's what is a frame work............

    hope it helps u oout .........

    any comments are welcome!!
  • WinnerAnkur
    Framework is set of rules for automation testing.

    As Functional automation of test means fast execution, saving cost and time.

    Think about execution part of test management i.e. Assignment of test cases, Execution of those test cases, Reporting the test result. This part is particularly based on the specific requirement (only regression test, a sanity check etc) of assignment to manual testers. Once test cases are assigned testers do testing and report it. Automation tool will help to do some basics which are used in manual testing. They capture mouse click, keyboard inputs and able to replay it but they don't have specific logic, that’s why the entire automation tool come up with some special features of verifying and validating (check points in case of HP tools), with reporting.

    This is not done as I can create/write scripts but if my requirement is to execute regression test cases, let’s say my regression suite consists of 500 test cases and it will require 8 hrs for execution with API Data. Now in this case who will execute it? Do a manual tester required, to validate the data with database or look at GUI, then what is meaning of automation?

    To achieve the basics of automation framework is developed, which consists of logic what to run, how to run, how to select appropriate data, how to handle API data, what is flow of execution, what to do if error in execution, how to report the errors/bugs.
  • Chandrik
    Thanks for giving excellent notes on Software Test Automation Framework. I have learnt excellent points here. Thanks for sahring nice information on frameworks.


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