hi everyone.i need a small help in C.
i want to know if there can be a socket which is a blocking one.just the syntax and header files necessary.something like the socket has to wait untill it gets a packet


  • elric
    i guess you are asking the syntax to functions to make a basic server, to do this you need to use listen() first and then accept()
    their prototypes are
    int listen(int sockfd, int backlog);
    int accept(int sockfd, void *addr, int *addrlen);

    the sequence of system calls you will do is

    i hope you do know how to use socket() and bind() if not google it up or refer a good networking programming book cause you will have to take care of specifing addresses in host-byte order or network-byte order. There is a good guide to network programming on the net too, Beej's Guide to Network Programming , is short and concise. check it out. Also the above details is for gcc.
  • dropcards
    usually the socket is blocking unless you set it otherwise with ioctl

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