Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare
Computer Science

Snapdragon Processor Travels Around the World on Just One Charge

They [Qualcomm] sent a phone featuring a Snapdragon processor around the world and shot a video on one battery charge.

In just over two weeks, Snapdragon-enabled smartphone traveled from LA to New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Moscow, Dubai, Mumbai, and Rio De Janeiro with a few pitstops in Istanbul and LA.

The phone shot several takes in each location, and was shut down while traveling. No post production effects have been used to create any illusions.

Do you think it is impressive? Quite frankly, if we turned off our phones while traveling then our phones (not featuring snapdragon processor) could go around the world and still have the power to make it to the moon. 😁 What say you?

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