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SMS(Short Message Service)

Question asked by prabhagharan in #Coffee Room on Jul 31, 2008
prabhagharan 路 Jul 31, 2008
Can any one clearly explain me some facts about SMS
1)What is the key factor or the technology behind the SMS ???
2)I also puzzled how some web sites where providing free sms services 😕.
How the text we are typing in web sites where reaching our mobile ???

I am eagerly waiting for your explanation.................... Posted in: #Coffee Room
Itanium 路 Aug 2, 2008
Rank D2 - MASTER
prabhagharan 路 Aug 6, 2008
y there is no reply CEs i waiting still
MaRo 路 Aug 6, 2008
Rank B2 - LEADER
There something called SMS server, with GPRS modem and a data plan, it works like a mobile, this GPRS modem is connected with a software that connecting the web application you've used to send the SMS and the GPRS modem driver, this GPRS modem is like th Fax modem but has a SIM card or it can be a cellular phone connected to the PC both are okay, and the rest is like how mobiles work sending to base station and so on, it's all about the software inside.
umesh936 路 Aug 12, 2008
Rank D3 - MASTER
i don't know y u want to know this. if u want to use in progrmming or technology behind it...
here is trechnology...
after typing.... first ur mobile reserve a chanel for u with near tower... then if ur sms reciver is in same region menas local then ur sms is goes in sms server which is located at MSC mobile switiching center. here it look for ur reciver mobile, as the nearer tower of the reciver send the signal to MSC that here is receiver and SMS server send ur SMS to ur reciver mobile through tower, offcourse after reseving a channel. but if it STD SMS then MSC send ur sms to server located in city where reciver no is register then those local MSC proceed the same as i describe above... but suposse that STD no is in same city on roaming then that city where no. was register send sms back to sender city MSC here now MSC check its VLR visitor Location Register to check whther your reciver is here locally and if it found then SMS delivered....but for maximum 2 days it hold ur sms. as reciver get sms u get dilvery report offcorse from SMS server via MSC->Tower->sender
as per my knowledge.... hope it help
prabhagharan 路 Aug 13, 2008
thank u
Also i would like to know how the SMS are sent to particular number through a website
umesh936 路 Aug 18, 2008
Rank D3 - MASTER
i think u r nt familiar with GSM network ....
if u cud find book "Wirless and mobile network architecture" by Yi-Bing Lin, Imrich Chlamtac... it is gud book u can find all about GSM, SMS SERVER, GPRS ,WAP etc material in full detail....how they work .. it is gud book

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