Questions you should ask to campus recruitment teams!


A big number of our members are students studying in final/third year of engineering. Lots of companies must have been visiting your colleges for recruiting fresh graduates for the next FY.

Now the typical thing that happens during a recruitment drive is this -

  1. You all gather in a big auditorium of your college.
  2. The visiting team delivers a nice power point presentation which has lots of slides about the 'cutting-edge' technology the company works on, the work culture, 'life at ', your job profile and the most important of all - the offered compensation package.
  3. Once the presentation is over - you are given a chance to ask questions to the visiting team.
  4. No one asks questions. Everyone remains silent :sshhh:.
Now, in this thread, we will discuss the questions YOU SHOULD ask to the recruitment teams! Why? - because there are few things you MUST KNOW! For a fresh graduate - there is a lot more to corporate world than the 'package' (salary+perks+stock whatever).

While we discuss these questions - I want all of you to pay attention to this thread and pick up your questions. So that during the next recruitment event - you show the CEan spirit and impress everyone with your questions .

--and most importantly - learn a lot of stuff yourself. [​IMG]


  • ankur8819
    was expecting some posts here !!
    "The Big K" ...Why don't you tell us something !!
  • skthakre
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  • krazyguy

    i din't get u.

  • san_02
    Hi BIG K ! Thats really a good idea.I am a student of mechanical branch and was wondering if some core companies visits for recruitments. Can you give some questions to ask and sought of conversation to start with.
  • Deepika Bansal
    Deepika Bansal
    Hi I never understood what all stuff we should notice in the company ppt.......!! Please answere.........
  • Gurjeet Singh
    Gurjeet Singh
    Deepika Bansal
    Hi I never understood what all stuff we should notice in the company ppt.......!! Please answere.........
    Hi the comapny's PPT matters alot as either you can do your homework by proper goingthrough about company's profile by visitng their site and googling and some of the important stuff they usually shows in the ppt and they can ask as well in the HR round ,so its good to focus on ppt.
  • Deepika Bansal
    Deepika Bansal
    Thank you cooldudeiet.....
  • HirenBarbhaya
    There is lot more to see and understand from company's presentation... because that would give you information about the company and kind of projects it is doing... so by reading/understanding those carefully would help you later when you would have to make decision which company to select (provided you have more than one offer)...

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