Simulation for DSSS using matlab simulink

Hiii all,

Do anyone have codes to generate Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum blocks? I mean the matlab codes to generate DSSS blocks. Or any links where i can get or download them? Because i tried googling but can't find the matlab codes.

Thank you....


  • just2rock
    matlab & DSSS ?? can you explain the whole integration part you are looking for?
  • aloneman
    You need DSSS for Low/ High Detectability Signal Transmission ???
  • Vila

    I actually need to design DSSS Anti Jam communication system using matlab simulink. I also need to investigate the effect of changing parameters such as type of channels, number of channels and number of users on DSSS Anti Jam communication system. I have all codes in C, but i dont know how to run C codes in matlab using MEX file. Therefrore i need all codes in matlab itself - matlab codes to generate DSSS simulink block diagram and to run it. I tried finding and googling, but cant get the matlab codes. Please help me...
    I need DSSS for both high and low signal transmission. Thank you

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