Simple Talk with SimplyCoder!

CEans, Excuse me for the delay; We are back again! CrazyEngineers came up with a one more awesome interview with an awesome and innovative CEan who is rocking the CE with a very small post count. He is #-Link-Snipped-# aka Gurudas Bhandarkar. He is a Crazy Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer and one of our most productive CEans who has contributed about 110+ valuable posts to CE. He is passionate about programming and he used to play with algorithms. He likes to write Technical articles. Playing Chess,Volley ball, Solving Sudoku puzzles are his pastime activities. He doesn’t like to waste his time at all and most importantly his dream is ‘To be a person of whom his parents could be proud of.’ We’re happy to present his words here….

Sada : Let us know simply a bit about yourself.
Gurudas : Hello everyone, my name is Gurudas. I love computers and making use of machine power to help me in my work. I like to play chess and it’s about 11 years now that I have played competitively. As my job profile, I would like to be a developer. I am a crazy Electronics and Telecommunication engineer who is highly fascinated by interested in computer-science.

Sada : Hi Gurudas, you are a SimplyCoder. It's really good to know that you like Coding and it is your passion, but then why you are into Electronics and Telecommunications?
Gurudas : I was introduced to programming in my first year of engineering wherein I had to code in C/C++ and then in second semester when I had to use Java.Unknowingly I got addicted to it. I started programming formulae and other things to make my life simpler. I developed a code in C++ which could solve forces, chemistry problems, and physics problems. It all started from there. In semester 3 I developed a code to design an amplifier as this type of question took lot of time but with machine, is just matter of seconds and also it formed a great tool for rechecking. It was then I realized that I love programming more than solving sums, but it was too late for me to change from EXTC to CS. As semesters passed, I tried to solve problems in my subjects using computer programming and there by practicing the concepts of programming.

Sada : How did you get introduced to CrazyEngineers (CE)?
Gurudas : It was through Google. I was searching for some ideas, I accidently bumped into CE.

Sada : You are well versed in most of the programming languages; Which language do you like most and Why?
Gurudas : This is a difficult question to answer, I use languages as my tool to solve the problem and algorithm to form the solution. So it depends on the nature of the problem I am facing. If there is a domain independent problem, then I would like to go with Java. In layman terms, I can say that Java is a like a pretty looking and extremely talkative girl whom everybody finds cute. The pretty feature comes from the structure of code which is constructed (Object Oriented.), extremely talkative (verbose syntax), and cute (final output and overall maintainability).

Sada : You are into Vedic Astrology; What makes you to go with it and to believe the things?
Gurudas : Vedic astrology is a form of science and sister of astronomy along with astrophysics. Vedic astrology is a science which deals with the impact of planets and their movements on our lives. I believe it because it’s a form of science as we believe in quantum physics or astrophysics and so on.
Reasons people do not believe Vedic astrology because they might be being atheist or being from different religion, but it should be considered that Vedic astrology is dependent on relative locations of planets to that of earth at time of birth and is independent of man-made creations (religions).
People nowadays do not believe in astrology mainly because of imposters. But then this doesn’t mean that Vedic astrology is meaning less. I gained interest in it as part time hobby and I limit it to hobby and nothing more than it.

Sada : Who are your idols or inspirations? And Why?
Gurudas : There are many people whom I consider my idols but I take only the good qualities from them. As talking of inspirations, I am inspired by small kids.
I love the way they manage to get back on their feet after they fall. They may cry for a while, but soon they take it as a good lesson and rise up.

Sada : You like to program board games with artificial intelligence in it and you like to write technical articles. What is your Best Game or Great Article that you want to show us.
Gurudas : I have programmed considerable number of games, from simple to complex, My first game was tic-tac-toe playing AI where in I understood that I need to get a good foundation in data-structures and algorithms. Soon I made a perfect playing tic-tac-toe. Learning from past experiences,I started to program other board games like connect-4, Gomoku(pente) here the search space is even larger. Then I programmed chess, it was a big task and I was thrilled when it was working correctly. I was happy that I made a decent player, at least for me. Soon I am planning to post a link to one of my game and may be a tutorial or so.

Sada : "I am a chef who learns some new recipies and try to innovate something new from his experiences". Yes, An Experience is a Lesson. Just want to know a few things that you have learned from your experiences.
Gurudas : The first lesson I got was in early in my life where in my lies were caught, a perfect lesson was taught to me by my mom and I never lied again, found the courage to speak the truth as I the punishment for lying was worse. Years after it, when I recall the incident now, I think without this lesson, I wouldn’t where I am today. I would always find the courage to tell the truth. Next one was a lesson on time management and I am glad that at end of the day I learnt from it. In general I treat my bad experiences as medicines with bad taste, which I have to take to make sure I have good future.

Sada : You are a good chess player, a volley ball player and a Sudoku solver. How will you manage your time for all your interests?
Gurudas : I never found any difficulties to manage my interests, in addition to it I like reading self development books, I even try my hands in kitchen!

Sada : What is your best achievement in your life till now?
Gurudas : Being born successfully in this world was one big achievement. Best achievement is still yet to come though.

Sada : 'My dream is to be a person of whom my parents could be proud of. Some one who can be looked up to as an idol, and well respected in society'. Awesome! What you are doing do to full fill your dream?
Gurudas : Nowadays in world, what I see is that it is easy to earn decent money, which wasn’t possible in yester years. So I can achieve this goal quiet easily from my educational background and current skills.
My parents would be proud of me if I can maintain some good habits which are found rare in these days.
Few of them might be: respecting elders, following morals and ethics, helping others. If I am able to maintain them and earn a good name, I think I would full fill my dream eventually.

Sada : Seems You are a too Hardworking man working a lot with your PC, How would you spend a day without Your computer?
Gurudas : I would like to meet my friends personally and not online. I would like to spend time with parents and family members. Another thing which I would surely do is introspection.

Sada : Your Programming Tutorials on CE were Fantastic. And we will be glad if you continue doing in your free time.
Gurudas : I am glad that members here found them helpful. I am planning to continue them in my free time.

Sada : What changes you found in yourself before and after joining CE?
Gurudas : I am more confident.


  • Sahithi Pallavi
    Sahithi Pallavi
    The CE Quickies aka Rapid Fire:

    1. Who are the best CEans according to you?
    Gurudas : Its a big list, it includes you, BigK, AKD, Issue, Praveen, godfather, eternalthinker, ramani, reya, RupamDas...(forgive me if I forgot someone).

    2. Simply tell us about your username SimplyCoder 😀
    Gurudas : SimplyCoder can be interpreted as a person who simply loves coding or simple person who loves coding, can be taken in both ways for I think its true.

    3. If you are granted 3 wishes, what would you ask for?
    Gurudas :
    1) Make world a simple place to live in.
    2) Make people realize the value of love, time.
    3) Let there be no lies in the world.

    4. If you were not an engineer, you would be?
    Gurudas : Professional Chess player.

    5. Your biggest blooper till date is?
    Gurudas : This happened in college, I was trying to make a pretty complicated circuit work, I knew it had to be debugged but I was unable to realize why it wasn’t even starting finally I told my class mate that the circuit is wrong and it has to be reprogrammed from start blah blah... on hearing that she told me "O.K would do that once power comes back" and then in my mind I said "OOPS!!" I would remember this forever and I was very fortunate that no one came to know this little secret.

    6. A moment you can never forget.
    Gurudas : It was when I was crowned rose king in junior college... those days were pretty awesome...

    7. What do you like most about yourself?
    Gurudas: I do not judge myself, I think people who know me can tell better about me.

    8. What are the things which you don’t like to do?
    Gurudas : I don’t like to waste time, and back bitching. Rest everything is fine with me.

    9. 5 years from now, you will …
    Gurudas : Seeing myself settled properly from financial point of view and a house of my own.

    10.What makes you interesting? Chess or Coding?
    Gurudas : Its a tough choice to make. I will prefer chess. Chess is simple game with simple objectives. It doesn’t take much time to know the rules of the game but on other hand even one life time is not enough to master the game.

    11. What do you like the most about CE?
    Gurudas : Its a hard question again. I like CE as whole community and despite I dont know many fellow ceans, I do sense a big family.

    Wishing you all the Very Best for your Career 👍 and Its really Proud to have you on CE
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Great! It's a pleasure knowing SimplyCoder - one of the most amazing contributors of CE.

    Vedic astrology is a science which deals with the impact of planets and their movements on our lives. I believe it because it’s a form of science as we believe in quantum physics or astrophysics and so on.
    Does Vedic astrology apply to non-living things as well? If yes, what does it say about this website?
  • simplycoder
    Does Vedic astrology apply to non-living things as well? If yes, what does it say about this website?
    An admin like you and with fellow members and moderators, I can say it without a doubt that CE is going to flourish and prosper even more than it is. I need no astrological knowledge to tell this.
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    One awesome CEan. One awesome interview. 👍
  • Reya
    @Simplycoder: You are rocking with your answers👍

    As usual questions are awesome dear 😀 Keep it up!
  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    Sada is back with a bang and Simplycoder! Superb Interview 👍
  • durga ch
    durga ch
    Good to know about you Simplycoder 😀
  • Dancer_Engineer
    Interesting CEan SimplyCoder! 👍
  • eternalthinker
    Really liked the interview, great to know you Simplycoder 😀

    Also, Sada's interview skills level up with every new one 👍
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    1) Make world a simple place to live in.
    2) Make people realize the value of love, time.
    3) Let there be no lies in the world.
    That seems difficult to achieve. What's your action plan?
  • Sahithi Pallavi
    Sahithi Pallavi
    @Simplycoder - You are Awesome, Good to have you on CE and feeling good to have your interview 😀

    And Thanks everyone, It's my pleasure to interview our CEans. We have so many creative, innovative, talented brains in our CE. And you know what, I know the most about our CEans 😉

    @Akd, BigK - Thanks for giving this work 😀

    @Reya - Thank you 😀

    Also, Sada's interview skills level up with every new one 👍
    Is it? Thank you so much 😀
  • silverscorpion
    Good to know you, Gurudas! 😀
    A programmer, a chess player, a game developer, a chef..... Hmm... Nice! 😀

    Soon I am planning to post a link to one of my game and may be a tutorial or so.
    That would be very good! 😀

    Good questions, Sada 😀
  • simplycoder
    @BigK: I just think "If I can change myself to be better, the world would soon change" If others too think like this, it wouldnt be take long time to see a new world. The only thing is how many people believe and wish this world to change for good.

    @All: Thank you guys...

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