Should engineering drawing be taught to every engineering student?

I have no idea if "Engineering Drawing" is a part of curriculum in engineering colleges around the world. In India, it is!

I personally enjoyed the subject very much. However, being a software engineer, I never get to apply the techniques I learned in Engineering Drawing.

...and that's the case with a huge number of engineers. What do you think - should engineering drawing be taught to every engineering student?


  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Its been taught in my uni. When I did it, I hated it so much. You have to invest so many hours for silly monotonous drawings.

    However, its certainly a useful skill to pick up for engineers. I would have loved it if it was taught in a more interesting manner! Its as close as "art" engineers can get.
  • moksh
    in our univ it was in the first sem only , and well an introduction or a know how abt this subject is important .... it actually gives the professional outlook of how to make models or represent any thing accurately and systamatically on plane paper. b'cos in any stream on eng. u'll face situation where u have to give a sketch to explain a certain situation in hand. and well i dont think it's abt drawing drawing str8 lines isn't drawing πŸ˜› it's natural πŸ˜€)
  • gohm
    Yes, I think it is important to know. You need to know the basics- one must know where you've been in order to know where you are going. Too many people are lost without calculators or computers which I think is sad. I've always been amazed at the math my dad could do in his head by "visualizing a chalkboard" as he's from pre-calculator times. Being too reliant on tech isn't a good thing as you could argue on the blurriness of which is the "engineer" the person or the technology.
  • niniandcat
    I have no idea if "Engineering Drawing" is a part of curriculum in engineering colleges around the world. In India, it is!

    I personally enjoyed the subject very much. However, being a software engineer, I never get to apply the techniques I learned in Engineering Drawing.

    ...and that's the case with a huge number of engineers. What do you think - should engineering drawing be taught to every engineering student?
    i have "Engineering Drawing " lessons too . but i like it
  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    I have no idea if "Engineering Drawing" is a part of curriculum in engineering colleges around the world. In India, it is!

    I personally enjoyed the subject very much. However, being a software engineer, I never get to apply the techniques I learned in Engineering Drawing.

    ...and that's the case with a huge number of engineers. What do you think - should engineering drawing be taught to every engineering student?
    Oh my Gosh!!

    Biggi we use 3d animations... different designs in daily use in SE. As per me, Engineering Design (ED), teach us to imagine all the engineering items in space.

    I can imagine 3d view of A, based on that I can QA my website that particular A button is appearing correct or not. Isn't it? ED generally develops the Imagination power.

    In a prototype, Blue Print, or Gear design or anything...It teach us how to imagine a live thing on a paper... thats what we do in Software engineering... before actual application, we work on prototype.. and starts testing...

    Please correct me, if you feel that I am wrong...

  • Prasad Ajinkya
    Prasad Ajinkya
    Very correct crazyboy!! I used to love ED ... if it were not for strong and solid ED concepts, how will you go about creating applications in CG?
  • sauravgoswami
    well ED is imoortant or else how you recognize and differentiate
  • Yamini L
    Yamini L
    Well,ED is important..Its all about imagining something..That may increase your creativity..But dont think or imagine too much..I too had it in my first year..Since i was not good in drawing i found it a bit difficult even though i was clear with all the concepts... i dont think it is required for software engineers but still it finds application in other disciplines(mechanical and others for designing purposes)...
  • sauravgoswami
    S/W Engineers wont need,since there aint an pure engineering subject however for others it is necessary,and it shudnt be stop teaching
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    There was one aspect of engineering drawing that I would have appreciated: circuit and electronic symbol/component sketching. Unfortunately, this was barely touched on when I did the subject.

    Perhaps in sofware engineering you'd need to draw those flowcharts and system block diagrams. Of course, you'd normally use software to do that, but there are times when you are away from the computer, and you'd need to explain a concept to someone on paper inpromptu.

    I saw a picture in a book once.. a technical sketch of a mechanical component on a napkin, next to a coffee cup (which means the guy sketched it while in a cafe of a sort). Thats pretty nifty πŸ˜› Wherever you are, you can express your ideas.
  • samarjeetsaigal
    Engineering drawing should be taught to every engineer as the engineer from its name say that they are the creators. So in order to create something one should know dimensions, shapes and accuracy. So this is only learnt if engineering drawing is taught to them. And further if they want to do some short-term courses like autocad, 3d max etc. So this will help them in understanding the dimensions and shape of the graphics they want to create.
    personally i think ED is an awsome subject:smile:
    but i dont think every engineering student remembers the subject after studying it πŸ˜”
    but the civil and mechanical engg. students cant neglect it as ED is the basic in designing phases.As such it gives a better attitude towards engg. problems.
    so i think every engineer must have basic ED knowledge.;-)
  • Rohan_sK
    Biggi, ED is absolutely awsome. I cherished every minute of drawing sheets, view after view it unfolded the details of how an object would look or project in different planes, angles and sides.

    It inculcated the ability to imagine the unrevealed projections and see the unseen. Infact for my trade, the Mechanical, I shouldnt sound philosophical if I say that if designing and building machines is life then Drawing is the soul of it. One cant proceed without gaining mastery on ED where assemblies and details are concerned.

    As a matter of fact Engineering Drawing is called the LANGUAGE OF ENGINEERS. And its damn right!! πŸ˜€
  • gaurav.bhorkar
    ED is important. An engineer's knowledge should not be confined to his discipline only.
    Maybe, the knowledge will be useful at some stage of our lives.
  • cowboy
    ed subject of drawing and it is very usefull for all engineers.
  • blacrobous
    i think these days most of the works of drawing are designed in 3D cad softwares which even create hand drawings so mostly to say basics for every student in ED is neccesary but not compulsoryπŸ˜€
  • keshav21286
    A big nooooooo.
    1.requires a lot of time boring if not related to your field
    3.not of much use to branches other than than mechanical
    Instead of using paper and pencil Autocad can be used which saves a lot of time and also is more interesting compared to paper 7 pencil work and by the way you gain the same knowledge by following the 2 ways.
  • Aashish Joshi
    Aashish Joshi
    Agreed that autocad saves a lot of time. but, to make a meaningful drawing on autocad, you need to know engineering drawing principles at least!!

    We make drawings to make sure that the person who has to manufacture components does not have any doubts about the component's dimensions, size, etc.
  • maxisiddiq
    engineering drawing most essential subject for engineering designers
    it may be difficult or boring but it is very useful in
    engineering life.

    we learn it in patience ...........πŸ˜’
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Well, I wouldn't rely solely on CAD software to express ideas. Most of the time, a quick technical sketch on paper would be better as a start.. especially when you are sitting down at a cafe or at a park, and a sudden inspiration hits you.
  • keshav21286
    Engg drawing only useful for mechanical branch.
    I have found nothing useful for me and sure never going to find it...πŸ˜›
  • smita89
    I was initially an architecture aspirant who landed up in engineering instead. ED was one of my favourite labs in the first year. I remember when my batchmates used to whine about it, I used to have a gala time. Although standing for three hours hurt my feet like hell, still I enjoyed every bit of it.

    I think studying ED in first sem is part of curriculum so that students have basics of all streams. Its similar to why comp Sc and IT students are made to work in the mechanical workshop with lathes. The experience might be good or bad, but its an important aspect to having all-round fundamentals in all engineering branches.

    personally, for me, ED ROCKS!! 😁
  • BigOhm
    For now, most Mechanical, Civil, and Structural Engineers, and many Electrical Engineers need to be able to read engineering drawings. New designs should usually be done in 3d solid models, where the software is capable of making a usable 2d drawing if needed.
  • blacrobous
    yeah true civil and electrical even need this subject infact civil engineers require it more than anyone else
  • yyogiraj
    I never had Engineering Drawing. But I am an artist myself and do a lot of imagination before implementing them. THis sense of drawing gives me an edge in not only imagining, perceiving and visualizing but also helping others understand excatly the way I am thinking.

    As engineers you need to think creatively, engineering for me is an Art - art of applying science - how come an art be away from drawing? πŸ˜€
  • juma1987
    ED rox!! I think we should pay more atention to that kind of stuff because is the beauty picture that sells!!
  • itchap
    I have "Engineering Drawing" in 1st year. And i like this subject very much. And i am not agree that this ED is not useful for software engineers. This is the best subject to improve imagination skills. And i love this subject very much.
  • Abhishek.Tony
    Yes, it ruffles one's imagination.
    Mainly for Civil, Mechanical, Electrical students, and essential for students interested in design.
    For others consider it as class for working on perceiving objects in their mind..:roll:
    One can argue that various CAD software can supersede it but over reliance on technology really reduces one's physical actions.. so till date paper hasn't got out of use...πŸ‘
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Stumbled upon this thread after a long time. Quite interesting views mentioned here πŸ˜€ . Looking forward to more opinions by CEans.
  • Deepika Bansal
    Deepika Bansal
    Oh I enjoyed ed a lot. May be the one reason is that i love drawing..πŸ˜‰
    but seriously, ed made me realize the importance of precision. It made me feel like an engineering. Sounds silly ;-) but its true.
  • slugger
    found the drawing oriented subjects were the most interesting in Engineering. Thanks to studying Mechanical Engg had lots of it all through - loved each one of them

    The actual purpose of introducing Engineering drawing is to help develop proper hand-eye co-ordination and also patience & discipline.

    But with most colleges & students geared solely for scoring marks exams, the real intention behind including the subject gets lost on most students, especially if you are not a Mech-allied student
  • maria flor
    maria flor
    Engineering drawing should be taught. In our school it during 1st and 2nd sem. I really love drawing. Aside from learning a 3-point perspective drawing it will make your handwriting very pretty.
  • ritesh05
    i had bad memories with drawing i simply hate that subject where u hve to concious about each ad every pt whether u hve to make 4mm arrow all tht stuff .waste of time same thing can be done within a minute on pc take hrs . after spendnig hrs ur sir will make out hundred of mistakes sometime they will tear ur sheet 4 unknowing reason i hate it .
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    @Ritesh: I appreciate your comments on the various posts.
    But please avoid use of sms language and short forms. This is a global forum and use of slang makes it difficult to read.

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