self cooling engines

hi guys..
ever thought of self cooling engines like air cooled ones. even in the air cooled engines the percentage of heat dissipated by air is less...y dont we com up with better ur ideas on self cooling engines in this thread...šŸ˜


  • raj87verma88
    Hi Blackberry,
    Welcome to CE. It would be nice if you introducee yourself to the CE community members by starting a thread in the CE introductions section.
    Now to your question. Yes, the heat dissipated by air is less in air cooled engines. That is why we have liquid cooled and oil cooled engines. Even then there is a lot of waste heat. A inter cooler can be installed. It will take the waste heat and use it to preheat the fuel. It can also be used to give a sixth stroke. This is just an idea, lot more will come.
    Let me see what other CEans think about this.
  • geococeo
    i think the most interesting self cooling engine idea is the six stroke which adds an extra power stroke which occurs as a result of waste heat being used to rapidly vaporize water that is injected following the fossil combustion stroke. successful versions of this engine are completely self cooling and are claimed to get 40 percent greater fuel efficiency. this is a relatively new idea there are so many doors that it opens tho, very exciting!! šŸ˜
    there is a thread somewhere down the line in this section thats all about six strokes
  • swaroop2003
    hi... see air cooled engines r primarily used in two wheelers because they much lighter in construction. we can also try oil cooled engines but that requires more space......
  • Lock-Os
    That idea with the extra power stroke is brilliant. That would defiantly get extra power out of the fuel.

    I was actually thinking about this idea as well recently. I was actually thinking about heating parts of the car like the doors, roof, and floor of the car with the hot oil, not only would that act as an extra heater in the winter, but would also spread out the heat dispersion over a wider area. Also the heated roof could melt snow that gets suck up there. That should help solve the problem of cars going down the road leaving a trail of snow flying off the back of the roof.
  • sonasathish
    There is nothing special about the extra power stroke explained as it is successfully demonstrated by many people with their models and they are out in the shop floor of major industries. They called those engines as six stroke engines.
  • hallkbrdz
    You do realize that the six stroke internal combustion engine was invented in 1915? I really don't see anything different between Leonard H. Dyer's engine and Crower's.

    From what I understand what needs to be worked out are the following problems:

    1. Steam washing the cylinder walls (removing the oil)
    2. Camshaft adjustments to allow for six cycles, or electromechanical valves
    3. Separate path for exhaust and steam for use with turbocharged engine (possibly by using a 5 valve head).
    4. Some cheap way to keep the water from freezing in winter!

    Am I missing anything?

  • MOTOmech
    hi how to post queries in this site
  • durgesh_nitc
    u have already posted it man
  • jignesah.j
    [ā€‹IMG]The inventive internal combustion engine is provided with a self-cooling system, i.e. a cooling system is substituted by a self-cooling method consisting in returning the energy which is given up by the external walls of a cylinder during cooling to said cylinder where it works. The self-cooling of a cylinder-piston group is carried out in a cooling chamber formed by the double walls of the cylinder barrels provided with cooling windows connecting said cooling chamber to the cylinder volume which is increased with respect to a combustion chamber and a specified compression rate, thereby making it possible to use a residual gas energy. The self-cooling is carried out by the transmission of a heat energy produced by the cylinder-piston group cooling to a compressed air in the cooling chamber, which subsequently participates in carrying out a useful work. A heat insulating coating prevents from loses of the heat energy of cooling.ā€‹
  • geococeo
    there is nothing new about the crower that is for sure
    i think my newest favorite engine which uses its own heat efficiently enough to not need an external coooling system
    is a turbine
    which could be even more efficient than they are now
    and will be i believe
    and are probly
    i am not in the know
  • tufel
    the six stroke engine has 1 sunction sroke , 2 compression stroke , 2 power stroke & 1 exhaust stroke however the are certain limitations & henceforth it is not used however being a mechanical engineering student studying in semester 2 I am deeply interseted to know more about this engine henceforth i request to update as more information as it could be since within few weeks I shall be trying to make a presentation on the same at my college

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