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Santa Handpicks The Best Of 2011 For Your Stockings! Merry Xmas!

Question asked by Ambarish Ganesh in #Coffee Room on Dec 25, 2011
Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh · Dec 25, 2011
Rank B1 - LEADER
iPad 2</strong> - All those who want to own a tablet, plus a simple one on that, definitely won't want to miss out such a chance. Super thin and light, with a dual core A5 chip, a 10hr running battery, and more than 1,40000 apps specially made for it, this one is a go-grabber. Let me know if this is the gift you want.[​IMG]</p>
iPhone 4S - The most amazing of all the iPhones so far. With iOS5, Cloud Service, an 8Mp camera and HD video recording. Though it received a lot of flak initially regarding its battery life, it never failed to fascinate. Now it's the most traded iPhone ever.[​IMG]

Samsung Galaxy Note - Is it a smartphone, is it a tablet? It'a a hybrid of both actually. Just one look at it, and get ready to have your mind 'awesomely' blown. With 1280 x 800p HD Super AMOLED display and a 1.4GHz dual core processor, believe me, this IS an offer you can't refuse.

Nokia N9 - This is something I should have removed from the list long long ago. Still it finds its place in this list. "Why?", you ask. OK, first of all, don't ask. I really don't find myself with a smart answer. If you are convinced with "its MeeGo OS is awesome and its design is super-awesome, that's why I like it," then believe me - THAT's my answer. If you are not convinced, I shall replace your gift with the Nokia Lumia 800.[​IMG]
The latest Xbox 360 console - This one is a gamer's delight. And since Microsoft has lent its hand in redeveloping this console to make it even more impressive, this has become even more irresistible. It even features Amazon’s movie streaming service Lovefilm, and also allows you to control the television using a voice recognition software. Super interface. Highly recommended.[​IMG]
 Sony Digital Binoculars - Oh, so you are a great bird-watcher or something? Or maybe you are just one of the fans sweating in the stadium just to witness your idols playing in flesh. Well, ever considered recording the event live, just as you view it. Just go for these binoculars, they are made <em>for your eyes only</em>.[​IMG]
Sony head-mounted 3D display - This has an OLED panel, and you get to see 3D videos in HD picture quality. Not only this, it makes sure that you get the theater-like video effect and an equally impressive sound.
 That's all folks. I know the list is small, but a lot many of choices will spoil you, innit? Drop down your preferences, and I'll personally deliver them to you tonight. Every good deed needs to be rewarded. And believe me, I'll always be the one passing on the rewards.

<address>Your ever loved,</address><address>Santa Claus.</address> Posted in: #Coffee Room

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