Samsung Series 7 Slate Tablet Review Summary

While the world is adopting tablets at a faster rate than ever before, we believe that tablets aren't replacing the desktops or laptops yet. Samsung's already in the tablet market with their popular Galaxy series tablets, however, the computer division is taking different approach altogether. The team of engineers at Samsung that designed Samsung's series 9 laptops has worked on a new type of computing experience with the series 7 slate tablet. This is a summary of the review performed by Engadget: #-Link-Snipped-#

Hardware Specs That Matter:

11.6" PLS Display (1366 x 768), 1.6GHz Core i5-2467M processor, 4GB of RAM, a 128GB Samsung SSD (solid state drive), integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics, 3MP camera, custom Dock to mount the tablet & bluetooth keyboard, 934 gram weight, USB 2.0 port, volume keys, micro-HDMI slot & headphone (3.5mm jack), missing microSD card slot, Wacom S-Pen but no place to mount it on the tablet.

Battery Life:

3.33 Hours 👎

You can't expect much from the tablet that runs Windows 7 on Core i5 processor. Compare that to 10+ hours battery life of iPad 2.


Windows 7 on tablet hints at what we can expect from Windows 8 for tablets. Samsung has added its own touch to make it more user friendly.

Price: $1,099 to $1,349 in the US.

Overall: Battery life kills most of the good stuff about this tablet. If battery life does not matter much to you (it should, actually) then you might considering buying this slate pc.

Image Credit: Samsung


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