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enilced • Sep 2, 2008

Robot Chassis

was wondering if anyone here could help me, I'm pursuing knowledge on a few things having to do with creating a robotic chassis. basically ill probably never complete this because of lack of funds and time but i always find myself thinking about it.

first ill describe the machine i want to build.
I'm designing a small robot body that is the size of a house cat/small dog. the body will look more along the lines of a large tailed rat or hunched over kangaroo. it will use a small chemical engine rather then electrical. most of the motion would be controlled with hydraulic muscles.

basically i want to design a robot that can do many tasks, mostly cleaning in concept. De weeding, clearing dog poo, highway cleanup...

i guess what i need help with is finding a small motor about the size of a fist or any help on if and how much it would cost to get something like that special made. the type of motor i should use. or any other comments really.

gohm • Sep 3, 2008
So if I understand correctly you are looking for a hydraulic pump, not traditional motor? Internal combustion powered? Have you fiqured out your operational pressure requirements?

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