Reservation in educational systems?Do we need it?

Do we require Reservation in educational systems?
If you ask me i will say a big NO..I personally feel that in the name of reservations we are trying to discriminate people...I think this is not the right way for uplifting weaker sections of the society..If this trend continues the true meaning or value of education itself would be lost..
What do you all think about this?


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Miniy, it would be nice if you explain the 'reservation' scenario in brief to our International readers.

    It would help them understand what's happening in India.
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Yes, I was wondering about that πŸ˜› Waiting to see some responses here.. I think we have a similar situation here in Malaysia, but not to that extent, I suppose.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Yeh, 'reservations' in educational system is an 'issue' that everyone's talking about these days. Looking forward to miniy's post.
  • joe3204
    reservation in professional colleges is absolutely nonsense. a person has to have aptitude for becoming an engineer or a doctor. just because a person belongs to a particular community doesn't make him/her eligible to join a professional course.

    all that politicians hope to achieve through this is increase in their vote banks, and that is all.
  • richa_engr
    ofcousre......... reservation in educational institutes is very bad and the extent it has been increasing is very very discouragin.....
    Reservation is conquering with quality......and its prolongation is destroying the value of education.....deserve ons r not gettin chance.....this will definitely hinder the progress........
    Main agenda behind reservation is not upliftin.. but only the way to fill vote banks......these POLITICS is destroyin INDIA....
  • moksh
    well the reservation is a bigdanger to the quality of work force in India. And whats more i think it's becomeing a mane cause of Discrimination these days.. cast system no longer exists but this reservation things brings the evil back....

    well here's a common joke abt reservation

    (Rules For Examination)
    1. General students - Answer ALL questions.

    2. OBC - WRITE ANY one question.

    3. SC - ONLY READ questions.


  • ankur8819
    Reservation...ah!! man it sucks..!!
    i recently read in newspaper that there is going to be reservations for the faculty in IITs and IIms..though it is being opposed by the directors of IIT but i am skeptical that if this opposition will be of any help..thanks to the great politicians in our country...x-(

    Actually my point is.that reservation was introduced ny Dr. B.R. reduce the differences between lower castes and upper catse around 60 years ago and the basic idea was that this reservation thing would be removed when its objctive is fulfilled..and now It has been further increased..To me this clearly suggests instead of moving in a forward direction India has gone more BackwardπŸ˜” πŸ˜”!!!

    Rightly said by someone--"India IS the Only pLace where People fight to be called backwards "
    Don know what gonna happen to our Country..!!πŸ˜” πŸ˜”
  • Itanium
    Remove Reservations. Educate all.

    We could see India as as developed country very soon.

    I'm not sure how both are possible in a country like India where..

    Reservations are increasing

    As well as the cost of educating a child is also increasin!!!
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Remove Reservations. Educate all.

    We could see India as as developed country very soon.

    I'm not sure how both are possible in a country like India where..

    Reservations are increasing

    As well as the cost of educating a child is also increasin!!!
    Educate all - that's why politicians are advocating reservations in education system.
  • yudi
    People who were demanding reservation in education now started demanding reservation in Private sector too.
    i don't know where the hell we all people are going.

    in india at the time of freedom era 15-08-1947, when our constitution was being written by Dr. BR Ambedkar & other people at that time the social condition of some people were very poor & drastic. keeping a hope for that people our constitution were developled & issued on 26-01-1950, having several Reservation & facilities for those people.
    Now during these 60 yrs after freedom, condition of those poeple have changed. Now we don't need reservation.

    we don't want Reservation, Yes or No?
    If you ask this question to reservation catagory candidates , i guess most of them would agree with us & say a big NO.
  • koli
    Yudi I think you meant Private sector. Reservation in Public sector exists from ages. It is really an ugly face of politics. Greedy politicians are using reservation to gain more votes and fill their own pockets at the cost of countries future.

    Abt Dr Ambedkar - He was a revolutionary and changed the cast systems and added just relief to certain casts which needs assistance so that people from those casts can come to mainstream. But waht is happening after 60 years. BTW - his recommendation was to end reservation after 50 year. But our current politicians are using this as a weapon to hunt votes.

    I am personally against entire reservation now as well as what was designed by Ambedkar. I personally met at least 20+ folks from reserved category. Out of which 15+ were fraud either current or the frauds which were going on from generations. One example a cast name "Halba Koshti" has some sort of reservation. On 1950 there were only 150+ families who belongs to this cast. Now the population of this cast is more then 15Lakh(1.5Million). How is it possible within 50 year. There are many other subcasts like xxx koshti, yyy koshti, halba xxxx, halba yyy who got themselves into this category.
  • yudi
    i agree with you koli..
  • sauravgoswami
    hello freinds!! though your point of view is absolutely correct!!but reservations has pluses too...first of all,it ensures that everyone gets chance to learn & it also tells us the state of underpriviledged,we are debating reservations but when it comes to responsible positions only performance matters
  • vijayrock
    I will give an example...
    when i finished my higher secondary i.e 12th class..i wrote the engineering entrance test and got 270/300 as cutoff.
    In centralized counselling for engineering admission i got Computer science eng in a good college.But my friend who got 250/300 as cutoff got admitted into a better college(that college is one of the best college) with Aeronautical eng as course.
    The only reason behind that is i belong to FC and he belongs to MBC or SC(i dont remember).BY merit i have more marks than him.
    The government is advocating that for FC u have to have good marks and for BC -get good marks and need not be more than FC
    MBC-get average marks and no worries.
    SC& ST-get some marks.
    I am not insulting anyone.
    My argument is how can these people decide the future of the students by the caste and not by merit?
    Reservation is the magic wand that the politicians exploit a lot.but they are unaware of the fact..It might backfire them.
    If the government people feel that the backward sections of the society need some push,they should
    1.provide all the facilities such as education,health et all to them
    2.How long will the government say that they are backward.Bring them to the fore.
  • aashima
    Quota, perhaps is the most heated topic of the recent times, especially after the recent bill passed by the Govt. for the OBCs. Well I too am, just like all, against it. When it comes to education, brain and talent should be the all to constitute the deciding parameters. But then they say its important to implement certain rules of instability to maintain the stability. To which I'd rather say that if we cannot completely eradicate this law from the constitution, we should atleast not promote it to a level which it does not deserve.
    For one, if it HAS to be there, the percentage of reserved should be at minimum and not maximum acceptable level. Secondly, to which I'd strongly stick to is there should still be NO reservation in PG institutes. The efforts of AIIMS faculty and students is worthy of the appreciation for their efforts to prevent the recent quota bill to be implemented. Once a student is through with the graduation on the basis of reservation, it makes no sense providing him/her this facility during entrance for post graduate programs. While in graduation, he might have become capable enough to get admitted to an elite institution on his own and without any quota bill.
  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    This Reservation totally sux india now a days..

    let me tell you one real story to explain it..

    There was a boy name is Ramesh and there was a one more boy his name is Mahesh. The Mahesh is from the Reservation quota and he is quite dull in his study.... Their Class teacher Paresh sir was very intelligent and he thought that Ramesh Will become a good Engineer.... (Crazy One) 😁 but the Result come for the 12th standard and Ramesh got 60% and Mahesh 50% and after some day there was the admission after 12th and as per Reservation quota There are Many Seats reserved for Them. Mahesh Got admission in and Ramesh is not able to get admission so this is the Scenario here in india that the Capable person sometimes lost there chance to show their ability... and the Fact is that Mahesh is not capable to Complete is Engineering he leaves it after one year...


    I m not totally oppose on this but we can help that people by giviing them money to improve their education and we also train them but to kept seat reserve for them is not good idea..


    you going to say that then why this all system is still here let me Explain it also

    In the Arena of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr.Ambedkar they suffered by this Partiality between people in old days and that why to grow up their life and Quality the implicit this Reservation Quota and there was deal that after some years people can understood this partiality and they will accept it after that we can Remove this Reservation....

    Then You must say that Why the F**** this is Still here...!!!????

    answer is The Politics and The Political leader the know that this Is the main Votebank for us so they going to Promote it more and more and thus the Situation is now not in our hand....

    PS: i just come to know that in some state of India I think its UP there is reservation quota in private company also... what the hell is this... why any private company pay for this why they select some Low Quality Employee.!!!???


    Ok leave this we can do nothing in this area... just debate nothing else
  • Yamini L
    Yamini L
    From this i can say that most of you guys prefer not to have any reservation in educational systems..Education should be purely based on merit..We must get into educational institutions only through performance and not through reservations..

    Moreover not all political leaders are behind the motto "EDUCATE ALL".
    This reservation system, only brings discrimination between students and this is not a sign for a healthy competitive environment.Hence,give more preference and look out only for bright young talents who could think on their own,innovate,perform thereby bringing laurels to our country..

    Education is not blindly stuffing in,rather it is bringing out what is already in..
  • kedarjk
    I think giving reservation on casts is not at all a good idea. But reservations should be given to those who are economically backward.
  • yudi
    yes but even financially strong people are now using BC & SC quota certificates which are fake for getting into merit.
    with due regards to all the humans i want to say that there should be a seperate system that examine the status/conditions of candidates seeking addmission through a reserved quota because here people dont understand their moral duties for being honest about everything not all nut many.
  • Inovator@home
    Reservation is limitation which holds down advancement in people. Instead of
    reservation we could stage initation in advancement with individuals by not using todays means to improve ones knowledge. Look at the past and tell me if we are not repeating failure in all advancement because history is still repeating itself. So why doin't we help each other learn rather than count on only a few institutions to teach us.
  • durga ch
    durga ch
    Reservations in education system were primarily introduced when the cast system in India was very deep rooted.
    Dr.BR Ambedkar introduced them for the benifit of weaker sections who can study and come in par with the main stream.
    As farmers are givng subsidies so are students give consideration.

    and as far I remember, it was supposed to be decommissioned after 50 years of the introduction of constitution.

    slowly ,, for good or worse the weaker sections got habituated to these.

    The main intention of Reservation was defeated when the schema staretd being sued for personal benefits of polticians.mainly for votes..

    if you are a politican would you think putting yourself in students place??? abotu competion>?? absolutley not...!! u woudl think" if I tend to remove reservation... I will not be elected by weaker sections"!!!

    So you will even think of doing it..!!! the same thing has been hapepngin with every governement..

    now reservation itself is creating caste diversities...
    its segregating people,,, based on reservation(in turn on caste)

    Consider the CET exams.. In case a student 1 rank ahead you is from a backward section he/she might land up in most great colleges but you might in an average college...

    I think admissions should be on basis of merit...CASTE DEFINELTY doesnot REFLECT your MERIT level. πŸ˜€

    may be weaker sections can still be provided with help in the form of financial reservations and scholarships and allowing evry student to have a seat he deserves!!!
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    I guess it was recommended only for a period of 10 years.
  • durga ch
    durga ch
    10 years...

    that might really be too short.. as most of the population wer not in the lite groups!!!
  • silverscorpion
    No it's not for 10 yrs, it was for 50 years. But it's still continuing, I might say, increasing, even after 61 years.. very sad..
  • ritesh05
    education is ruining the quality of india . but why we blame politician for it (it's their born right to play politics ) why it wont happen that reserved category mass appose it , why it happen that central government appose supreme court . i remember the g8 quote by founder of infosys " india is only country in the world where people strive to become backward instead of going forward " that what gujar are doing sometime it feel like shame .
    It is a g8 thing when somebody from reserved category gets good marks they are sent to take admission in open category fully discrimination .
    God knows what will happen to the quality of india ( if we have such people fighting to become backward ) wake up indian.
  • apurwa
    reservation is itself a great curse for society,as it makes our country undeveloped doubt some happening with lower cast in past,but it should not affect our future in any way ,rather govt should find out some extra solution.discrimination is not preferential first but it affect the knowledge of whole decreases the value of quality....less knowledge... less ideas....less development ?
  • apurwa
    apurwa wait 4 this happening when politicians impose other reservations policies ....?
  • ritesh05
    why depending on it it's we who can change it not the gov buddy der is nothing gonna happen and never ever wait ( coz hve to wait 4 ur whole life if people of india hve attitude like u)
  • Sunil Singh
    Sunil Singh
    I completely agree to the fact that the reservation was to be followed for a period of 50 years but we were and are forced to follow it further due to inefficiencies of our system (government, educational and political). The people who suffer the most are students applying for admissions in various engineering, management,commerce, science and other colleges, freshers applying for jobs,teachers and almost everyone. This reservation system has provided an undue advantage to SC, ST various lower section of our society which were earlier neglected by higher sections. However the day is not far enough that the open caste people will be neglected by ST, ST, OBC etc.I truly hate the entire reservation system. We criticize this reservation system so much every time we apply for admission into colleges, applying for job interviews and day in and day out but do we really have any solution other than just saying the problem lies within the system? can we do something to bring equality back ? Remove this caste system so that no student, teacher, employee, suffers in future?

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