Read On! Share The Magazines

It is a common trend among Engineers and Professionals to subscribe to magazines. Most of these magazines are in the form of online Newsletters. Such news letters are not always known to everyone.
For example, I read The SAE magazine every month. I am the regular subscriber. Just thinking of the Free flow of knowledge, I urge you to upload such magazines here on CE. You can also provide the links which lead to a online technology newsletter.

How Would You Benefit?

It is totally a friendly cause. We are focusing on free flow of knowledge and ideas. Like everyone else you can benefit from this little attempt by knowing about some other magazine. For example, you are reading one of the magazine, share it with us,. We might have something another for you.
In this way, we will have a taste of everything.

No Copyright Issues
The publishers are totally aware of the fact that once they send an online newsletter via Email, the subscriber may pass it to his friend. Many of them actually support this cause. This is because you are actually getting them more subscribers.
However while we are giving an access of these magazines to people, Just make sure you are not engaged in any sort of illegal/ copyright infringement activity.

So what are we waiting for? Just Read On! 😀


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