Raspberry Pi Serves As Ad Blocking Wi-Fi Access Point

Getting rid of advertisements on your computer browser is easy; you download and install an Ad-Blocking plug-in, add a few subscriptions and the job is done. The trouble with pesky ads however continues when you start browsing on other devices like your smartphone and consoles where ad-blocking is not so easy. To get rid of this problem Justin Cooper (not related to Dr. Sheldon Cooper) decided to remove the ads at the source of your home internet itself. After getting your hands on a working internet connection, a Raspberry Pi booting Raspbian, a Wi-Fi adapter and an Ethernet cable head over to Overview | Raspberry Pi as an Ad Blocking Access Point | Adafruit Learning System for a step-by-step tutorial to make your Raspberry Pi an Ad-Blocking Wi-Fi access point.

Raspberry Pi

One of the best things about this set-up is that Justin shows you how to update the block-list to overcome newer ads. He also understands that some of the websites you visit do require ads for revenue, so he has also included a white-list feature that lists helps the user configure which websites be allowed to show ads. Like all other Ad-Blocking programs, the Ad-Blocking Raspberry Pi helps you save your bandwidth. Since we have plenty Raspberry Pi enthusiasts on CrazyEngineers, we would like them to head over the link above and let us know what they think of this idea in the comment section below.


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